To our dear friends who have been affected by the situation concerning the disappearance of the company Profitable Sunrise we offer our deepest sympathy. This result is not something we would or have ever allowed ourselves to be aligned with, let alone allow permission to put our ministry and our board members on their websites. Profitable Sunrise participants were wonderful to educate and support the ministry, but that support happened after people were already testing the business model for five months to our knowledge.  Never did the ministry support Profitable Sunrise by promoting that people participate. We were thankful to see that many were happy with their relationship at the time but that had nothing to do with the ministry. We also have experienced a negative experience with those who are not understanding a central and subordinate church relationship qualifying tax exemption and have provided proof of our compliance to the proper authorities.

Be sure to turn in any YouTube videos whereas someone is using a person's images, video footage belonging to someone else, creating a video with slanderous intent or any other use that would cause unjust harm to an individual, organization or business. YouTube has contacted one of our constituents and is very clear that these cyber harassment individuals can and will be terminated and possible legal action taken. You will go to your own personal YourTube... click on the video and then right click and copy the url address.. scroll to the bottom and click on the link that describes their crime and fill in the information.

Regardless of the outcome, our board has terminate permission to be listed as an optional charity on the Profitable Sunrise website or any literature, media or websites having association with Profitable Sunrise. 

No donations were accepted or transferred from the offshore company's charitable website button options to FocusUp Ministries and remain overseas. We have blocked all charitable donation options. 

We understand that many have been negatively affected by this unfortunate situation caused by Profitable Sunrise and will keep you all in our prayers. Our Ministry is not a part of any "Private Group" organization, it is not part of the NJF Global Group, GIR Alliance group or any other charity other than the original relationship with the Central Organization's 501c3 of whom we were an affiliate subordinate according to the signed legal documentation and IRS law.  

Please pray for us as we have been working for the past three months to help clarify the truth of the situation and protect those who are innocent of this situation. We have provided all documentation validating our past history to the Ohio Attorney Generals office Charitable Division to bring things to closure. 
You are in our prayers for a quick recovery. FUMI Admin